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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Danny's nose

I think of the past twenty years,
When I used to walk home quietly from the forums,
All the people in the forums said -
They say, "Danny is an idiot."
"Am I really an idiot:" I reflect.
But my reflections fail to solve the question:
For I myself do not know who the self is,
And how can others know who I am?
Alertness brings awareness and awareness is a light that in a
Searing flash obliterates all traces of the ghost.
Let your True Nature shine forth in perfect clarity.
Rest easy in the pure, serene stillness of the One.
Alone, you are a sovereign.
Yourself, a precious kingdom.
Reign with peace and harmony!
What external force can possibly invade?
The Buddha Mind contains the universe.
In this universe there is only one pure substance,
One absolute and indivisible Truth.
The notion of duality does not exist.
The small mind contains only illusions of separateness, of division.
It imagines myriad objects and defines truth in terms of relative opposites.
Big is defined by small, good by evil, pure by defiled, hidden by revealed, full by empty.
What is opposition?
It is the arena of hostility, of conflict and turmoil.
Where duality is transcended peace reigns.
This is the Sahaja Yoga's ultimate truth!
Life and death, day and night;
Water flows and flowers fall.
Only today, I know that I am Danny and..
My nose points downward!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Concerning the Spontaneity of the Self

TAT Forum

Concerning the Spontaneity of the Self
by Franklin Merrell-Wolff

As the lower cannot command the Higher, the individual ego is not lord over the Universal SELF. Hence, from the individual standpoint, the Realization is spontaneous and thus is often called an act of Grace. The SELF, which it must be remembered is Identical with Divinity, does not stand within the causal sequence. Consequently, strictly considered, Realization of the SELF is never an effect of causes set up by the individual man acting in space and time. The latter through his effort prepares the candle, as it were, but the Flame is lighted through a spontaneous act of Spirit. But here is where Love enters in the highest sense, and Love is not constrained by the causal law which governs within space and time. Yet Love never fails the beloved. This Love excludes none, for --

I, Spirit, deny none of My children.
Such is not My Nature.
Ever waiting, above forgiveness,
I pour Myself in through the opened doors.

Practically, the spontaneity of the SELF works through Man to man, though it cannot be said that It manifests in no other way. In the Gita, Krishna says: "I am in all men, but not all men are in ME." The implied meaning is, "Some men are in ME," i.e., Those who attained the Realization. Such Men are the Divine Presence Itself. Thus the Guru, if He is in fact a Guru in the true spiritual sense, is Divinity. Such a Man can light the Flame. The aspirant should seek his Guru in his inner consciousness and turn to Him as to Divinity Itself.