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Saturday, June 17, 2017

God is one!..thus spokenth the Mahayogi!

Lead me from dreaming to waking.
Lead me from opacity to clarity. Lead me from the complicated to the simple. Lead me from the obscure to the obvious. Lead me from intention to attention. Lead me from what I'm told I am to what I see I am. Lead me from confrontation to wide openness. Lead me to the place I never left, Where there is peace, and peace -from the Upanishads- Unless you know the emptiness and bliss inside'll be a robot forced by the same emptiness and bliss trying to know pain.. ...inside your self me!..said the mahayogi!
In silence there must be movement, and in motion,
There must be silence.
A small movement is better than a big one..
No movement is better than a small one..listen!
Silence is all the movement's mother..
In Movement you should be like a dragon or a tiger.
In non Movement you should be like a Buddha.  
-- Wang Xiangzhai(November 26, 1885 - July 12, 1963}
What is referred to as mindlessness is absence of the human mentality; what is referred to as mindfulness is mindfulness of the Tao. When one is free of the human mentality, the mutual sensing of the earthly and celestial is swift; when one is mindful of the Tao, effective practice endures. Swiftness of sensing comes about spontaneously, without cultivation, without striving; long perseverance comes about through effort, and involves action and striving. Striving and non-striving each has its secret; the distinction is all a matter of the absence of the human mentality and the presence of mindfulness of the Tao. After one has reached complete realization of the universal Tao, neither existence nor nonexistence remain; others and self are ultimately empty, and one enters the state of ultimate truthfulness, like a spirit. Here, it is not only the human mentality that cannot be applied; even the mindfulness of Tao is not applicable." - Liu I-ming The Conduct of the Moon and Clouds 

The consistent conduct of people of the Way is like the flowing clouds with no grasping mind, like the full moon reflecting universally, not confined anywhere, glistening within each of the ten thousand forms. Dignified and upright, emerge and make contact with the variety of phenomena, unstained and unconfused. Function the same toward all others since all have the same substance as you. Language cannot transmit this, speculation cannot reach it. Leaping beyond the infinite and cutting off the dependent, be obliging without looking for merit. This marvel cannot be measured with consciousness or emotion. On the journey accept your function, in your house please sustain it. Comprehending birth and death, leaving causes and conditions, genuinely realize that from the outset your spirit is not halted. So we have been told that the mind that embraces all the ten directions does not stop anywhere. -- Hongzhi Zhengjue (1091-1157)
Lead me from dreaming to waking.
Lead me from opacity to clarity.
Lead me from the complicated to the simple.
Lead me from the obscure to the obvious.
Lead me from intention to attention.
Lead me from what I'm told I am to what I see I am.
Lead me from confrontation to wide openness.
Lead me to the place I never left,
Where there is peace, and peace - The Upanishads
Greetings Grasshoppers from heaven full of grace...

 I'll explain your sorry asses now... how this meditation works.
Capish espaniol?..good..

First..I assume you'd ask me,,but hey!!,,I am your mahayogi loved in 3 realms.. worshiped in ten..celebrated by yourself in your higher ones..
Due to my great humility ..and because I turn the other cheek like Jessus when you spank my ass..I'll explain,you fruitcakes! consider some intelligent dialoque  ..please follow me.
I can explain all night..since I am the best!
I say the truth tell me..I am all ears?....good grasshoppers!
Now..for some demented religious muslims?..meditation means you pray 5 times a day...

Then you develop SUCH much LOVE from those prayers??..then you feel so good...and you go kill innocents as a suicide GOOD to pray 5 times a day..lots of love for others...after you kill their
Must be the ROUGH kind of

Is like eating we follow the old stuff..not eat pork in HOT weather..since they didn't have friges there..and now we must abide by the 2000 years old rules??
Insanity of it;s best..they made the pork like some evil..LOL
Billions of people eat pork..not muslims..why?..simply because thousands of years ago..was not safe..
OK>>.I get on with their dementia// true dementia!!

So is our FAULT we were not born in those hot climates..and now pork..since someone wrote that thousands years ago
I got IT!..yes..I'll follow those pork delicious  pork chops for sausages ..simply because someone said like thousands years good for you..try Kosher!,,I got their dementia from their balls now,baby!

So pork is evil..ok

Same as the cow in sacred..since someone said so..must be some GOD the cow

So eating BEEF is not right..since is GOD..right? the Mother cow..the creator or the universe..while she rooms there saying..Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....
Then who is the Father BULL?..
If the cow created the universe..the Mother cow..who is the Father BUll?..guess no hamburgers me  either! to be me!

So now we have no pork for beef for Indian people

What"s next? carrots for Eskimos(from carrots there..since all ice and snow) no veggies for my ass either for me either..I'll eat Mosse's balls of fire only..oki?with fried  rice(chinese style)?..opps rice not grows in I have to eat only ice!!!

I have had a curious demented conversation with some Indian vegetarian..he explained me that eating meat is sheer evil he explained me ...while his justification was like a true mad man...I eat only carrots! he was really wild on cam and pulling his hair...after I told him that Hitler WAS vegetarian..and yet he killed millions.....guess that didn't work to become more loving person for the the end the vegetarian showed me the finger!!
He told me humans should live ONLY on God's perfect meal..he told me..while cursing me as,,meat eater!! you dare to eat a hamburger?..cow is GOD!!..McDonald is evil!

I told him..what about the eskimos in Alaska?..only ice there..where to grow carrots at minus 40 celcious?..on ice?..he never answered..maybe his COW GOD was telling him..let them eat carrots..or die?..who knows..that was strange confrontation since I never got any response?..  

All I remember was his eyes bulging like the Texas coyote while on top of the cactus tree.. in fury his eyeballs like tennis balls were from his should have seen his bushy black hairy eyebrows moving in circles!while he eat a carrot online chopping on it like Bugs Bunny Rabbit.. to explain me that's the solution for love! to eat only carrots! for love in the world!the final solution according to the demented vegetarian!

The Hitler argument guess stooped his fruitcake ass explaining me how vegetarians are,,lovely..

But then our topic was meditation today...wasn't?..ok
So what actually is meditation ?..

I asked this question to all...and all tell me ,,meditation is about worshiping your deity..Maybe Jehovah..Maybe Allah..maybe my Elephant God named Ganesha..(in other words..if you are muslim or other you worship cows and elephants..since is good for your ass..if you want to be hindu?)...who knows.. Maybe the personal jessus?(is personal..jessus talks to you like a ok with cristian insanity...yes:) NOT about thought forms..OR your IDEA from your personal demented religion you might have...Maybe you worship the Australian aborigens..or you worship the,,GREAT SPIRIT<, the american indians?..who give a flying fuck?(sorry my french??)

If YOU THINK GOD HAS SAME NAME...then take your PILLS!!..and say..sorry mahayogi for I was so idiot?

So meditation is about,..getting above thoughts!!

Now how you get there?..
One demented idea is to recite a mantra..*like Jessus the sweet..please save my ass?)..or..Allah is great..great I say..even greater?..or..the greattest?

Now please explain me...what GOOD that did for muslims that mantra?..made them more loving??? 
 All I see if they kill left and right..right?..check about..who blew himself out..or..who run a TRUCK thru the innocents and killed dozens..women and kids..(maybe Allah wish???) and kids..or..whom shot them  at will while screaming Allah!!...don't tell me is not muslims..insults my wisdom large overgrown wisdom muscle?..ok is not some jews then!!,,Named Ahmad Mohamed!...Gimme a break with this stuff!

or from the cristians..Jessus is great..but the POPE is greater? The POpe is GOD now?

In all ever seen any sucker monk(plenty monks in ALL religions) to say a prayer like ,,10 minutes a day?

Then explain me WHY the monks went in caves..or the ones who GOT the TOUCH of GOD...meditated in caves all day?

Maybe they were nuts..and the 5 minutes meditation system is the right one!


I explained enough 7 years ago..nothing went thru their thick brains before they banned my sorry mahayogi ass!

Hi SeySorciere..the third eye is agnya..over there,the left/right (yin-yang) channels cross..along with the middle sushuma.
The third eye is opening in the gross level is having visions of light,star..etc..and visions of on the subtler level,you can see the past and future( image,not thought)of anybody.
On the advanced levels the thoughts stop,the mind stops,the breathing stops..only pure joy remains,and you pass on sahasrara,which includes all the chakras.
Third eye is the key to magik,projections..and also liberation from the past/future ki channels(left and right)
Do not concern yourself with ,,seeing,, anything..because if you do,you're still on the gross levels,and not there.
Silence, the symptom ..along with yawning and a feeling of extreme tiredness when the left/right channels burn on agnya,supported by meditation.
If the tiredness occur,and yawning ..then know you're on the right path,and don't be a bit..then do meditation right after you wake up.(I added this because someone asked about yawning in some post..hope I got the beginner level)
On the religion sense,the third eye is what Jesus said..forgive everyone and let go..(as let go of the stuff from left/right past/future thoughts in meditation) and love everybody as yourself(as their true self is also you..the sushuma nadhi is not personal,is one with everything)
Hope that helps..kisses
ps..I had big problems with seeing the future,and getting angry with people without their knowing why I did it..and not being able to explain..till I understood more about it.The powers one develops are unbeliaveble..and best used for healing and comforting others.On the other token..if you are nice(since you see their future)'ll loose your patience and you tend to admonish them,since you'll feel their present/future suffering..and they have no idea of it....(and by doing'll get banned also from forums)..The key is sahasrara..but that's other topic...kisses:)  

Right..but be aware that concentrating on the upper chakras will draw ki there..and if the lower chakras are not clear enough,you'll get headaches,or visions,or whatever on the agnya level,since the channels split over there on the left/right brain hemispheres,and touch the optic/auditive nerves...depending on your karmik setup.
The key to agnya is totally let go(forgive any thought or manifestation,and that includes forgiving yourself for having those)
That's why the buddhists mostly stay on the nabhi(belly) area.Because ki will just push up little by little.

Visions are a factor of your subconscious makeup,and that is connected with the collective subconscious in the culture you're other words,if you are a muslim,you'll never see Jesus.You'll see exactly what your subconscious projects.I you don't see,that's very good...but if you do,don't confuse the messenger with the message.Actually..some advanced beings love to help during the dreams,but they will adopt certain form you could understand,using your very projections.  

right..the cool breeze is the aftermath of kundalini burning the junk over's the pre-samadhi stage.If you stay with attention on it,and (careful..) let go of thoughts NOT AS blocking but allowing,and seeing,and let go..that cool breeze will expend.Have you felt that in your hands too?...because is the major part in the sahaja yoga(in which I consider myself an expert)
ps..due to my deep respect for the members,I am not projecting subtle bodies of the people here,(or check their chakras me)unless there is some actual need for healing aspects...all I get is from your words. 

Right,Sunshine...the reason is the ki pressing up on agnya chakra..that is the narrow gate Jesus spoke about,where you must squeeze all your past/future thoughts,and let them go...because on agnya the moon ki channel..the past(left side) and the sun ki channel..the future(right side of body) intersect.
You let go by watching them,not blocking them...and forgive them(like Jesus on the cross)and enter samadhi of bliss and emptiness.
Then you pass on sahasrara,which IS NOT a chakra,but more like includes ALL the chakras in the body..all are projected there,on your that's why concentrating on sahasrara directly with no transmission from some advanced being will not will be like trying to purify all the chakras in one shot..see what I mean..Sunshine?
But I feel beauty in you,and I think you know what I have a song for you..kisses:)
Please see the beauty of this video...EVEN though it talks about ,,walking on sunshine,, must remember that YOU are the sunshine.
Thus spokenth the mahayogi.
Lead me from dreaming to waking.
Lead me from opacity to clarity.
Lead me from the complicated to the simple.
Lead me from the obscure to the obvious.
Lead me from intention to attention.
Lead me from what I'm told I am to what I see I am.
Lead me from confrontation to wide openness.
Lead me to the place I never left,
Where there is peace, and peace
- The Upanishads


  God is one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's all..kissi:)
THus spokenth the mahayogi! 

What you think is God..other than pristine love who created the universe?...or the awareness of it?
remember my post?..from

*note* I present here my personal experience,then the others....
But the day when I disappeared in light,and the forest was a hologram..that day nobody can take away from me,because that was the day I've seen the truth.That I am an immortal spirit, experiencing itself.How do I know?..because after that I asked..with my light arms raised towards the sky...WHY I am here?? 

And a thunder voice answered from above,with the power of 1000 voices from above..


 Then I lowered my arms,and looked around..everything was me,the same light,but with rainbow like was the same light.
So I started to laugh so hard...that even the universe,and the forest,and the gods from heaven were amazed...
For that day the universe trembled in shock. For a mortal became immortal...and the universe was kissing me,and I was kissing it was like kissing myself in the end.
That day I became a mahayogi,and when I go out..if it rains,I order it to stop.And it does,because I never carry umbrellas...and the rain knows better then make me wet. If it doesn't,then I know it wasn't ment to be stopped,that's all.
I am not fussy...if the mountain won't come to Danny..Danny will go to the mountain.
I'm just a mahayogi.
I am you.
I am the universe itself experiencing itself,like good man(or woman).
Just like you.
The only difference between YOU and ME is that I know..that's all.

And of course the mahayogi powers,and ability to heal or to curse you..(note...the abilities to heal belong to the mind realm,as are the abilities to curse...what I ment is everybody does it,but they are not conscious about it...this is because the SOURCE is one,but to see itself the SOURCE splits in duality..the result of this tension is called consciouness,or the ability to see yourself..this is what I ment by,,I am like you,,..because I know the consciosness shapes the reality,and you don't KNOW that's why..again,while the SOURCE created the universe and the gods... it is always it knows..when humans will understand this esoteric principle,they will tap on the unity of the SOURCE and be careful what they want,because both distruction and eternity are in the I said long ago..the Universe is laghing at you,don't take it too seriously..but only when you know your inner SOURCE power,you can stop Hitler like wars,because unity will prevail..but humans can't imagine with no outside pain...remember the atomic bomb and the computer chips were invented due to outside pain of Hitler,where some wise people said,,ok...let's find a solution...this is not good,this Hitler gives us too much pain(and this is the role of the so-called devil)let's develop some new stuff...and as THEY WERE imagining,it happened..ponder ABOUT IT!!!!!....consciouness shapes the reality,but humans don't know that imagining is actually creation..PONDER!!!!) )well..nothing really..I'm just like you.

Kisses...I KNOW IT from experience,as that thunder voice told me. 

Now I'll post some similar experiences so you'll know I'm not nuts...for the voice was mine whom talked...It was me all the way.

Larry Darrell tells of his Awakening from Maugham's novel The Razor's Edge:
"How grand the sight was that was displayed before me as the day broke in its splendour...I was ravished with the beauty of the world. I'd never known such exaltation and such a transcendent joy. I had a strange sensation, a tingling that arose in my feet and traveled up to my head, and I felt as though I were suddenly released from my body and as pure spirit partook of a loveliness I had never conceived. I had a sense that a knowledge more than human possessed me, so that everything that had been confused was clear and everything that had perplexed me was explained. I was so happy that it was pain and I struggled to release myself from it, for I felt that if it lasted a moment longer I should die; and yet it was such rapture that I was ready to die rather than forego it. How can I tell you what I felt? No words can tell the ecstasy of my bliss. When I came to myself I was exhausted and trembling" (see)

After a year of studying, meditating, and working at stoop labor in and around the fields near the ashrama, he took to taking long solitary pilgrimages into the mountains. One morning high in the mountains he was waiting in his usual spot to watch the sunrise. That morning when the very first glint of light pierced the very top edge of the distant mountains the rays fell across his eyes and shot straight through his pupils directly into his brain. His mind exploded. He actually thought he had physically blown to bits in a brilliant flash of light, that the whole back of his head had been blown off and opened to eternity. The initial sensations abated in a series of bodily contractions and convulsions, leaving him shaking and trembling. Rubbing his arms he could see he was still alive and whole. Never was he so exhilerated, like walking on air, his insides bursting with pleasure. He wanted to yell to the whole world how wonderful he felt, and although there wasn't a fellow human being around for miles to hear his exuberance, he ran down the mountain path toward the forester's hut where he stayed yelling and screaming like a crazy man." -added by danny-

Compare the above with the Awakening experience of the venerated
Indian holy man Swami Ramdas:
"And it came one morning apocalyptically - when, lo, the entire landscape changed: All was Rama (that is God, the Absolute), nothing but Rama - wherever Ramdas looked! Everything was ensouled by Rama - vivid, marvellous, rapturous - the trees, the shrubs, the ants, the cows, the cats, the dogs - even inanimate things pulsated with the marvellous presence of the one Rama. And Ramdas danced in joy, like a boy who, when given a lovely present, can't help breaking out into a dance. And so it was with Ramdas: he danced with joy and rushed at a tree in front, which he embraced because it was not a tree but Rama Himself! A man was passing by, Ramdas ran towards him and embraced him, calling out: 'Rama, O Rama!' The man got scared and bolted. But Ramdas gave him chase and dragged him back to his cave. The man noted that Ramdas had not a tooth in his head and so felt a little reassured: at least the loony would not be able to bite him!" (see)
Compare as well Carlos Castaneda writing of the shaman-sorcerer
Don Genaro Flores, colleague of Don Juan Matus:
"It was a powerful jolt ... never would I have imagined it was going to be like that ... after I grabbed it we began to spin. The ally made me twirl, but I didn’t let go. We spun through the air with such speed and force that I couldn’t see anymore. Everything was foggy. The spinning went on and on. Suddenly I felt that I was standing on the ground again. I looked at myself. The ally had not killed me. I was in one piece. I was myself! I knew that I had succeeded. At long last I had an ally. I jumped up and down with delight. What a feeling! What a feeling it was!"ever. When I awoke the sensations were gone." 
 In order to subdue the mind, act with non-action.

Of movement and stillness, be aware of their origin;

There is no work to do, much less someone to seek.

The true and constant must respond to phenomena;

Responding to phenomena, you must be unconfused.

When unconfused, the nature will stabilize by itself;

When the nature stabilizes, energy returns by itself.

When energy returns, the elixir crystallizes by itself;

Within the pot, the trigrams of kǎn and lí(heaven and earth) are joined.

Yīn and yáng arise, alternating over and over again;

Every transformation comes like a clap of thunder.

White clouds form and come to assemble at the peak;

The sweet nectar sprinkles down Mount Sumeru.

Swallow for yourself this wine of immortality;

You wander so freely—who is able to know you?

Sit and listen to the tune played without strings;

Clearly understand the mechanism of creation.

It comes entirely from these twenty lines;

A true ladder going straight to Heaven.-Daoist text -

"The center of the cyclone is that rising quiet central low-pressure place in which one can learn to live eternally. Just outside of this Center is the rotating storm of one's own ego, competing with other egos in a furious high-velocity circular dance. As one leaves center, the roar of rotating wind deafens on more and more as one joins this dance. One's centered thinking-feeling-being, one's own Satoris, are in the center only, not outside. One's pushed-pulled driven states, one's anti-Satori modes of functioning, one's self-created hells, are outside the center. In the center of the cyclone one is off the wheel of Karma, of life, rising to join the Creators of the Universe, the Creators of us.

Here we find that we have created Them who are Us...

Lilly's Law

"In the province of the mind, what is believed to be true is true or becomes true, within certain limits to be found experimentally. These limits are further beliefs to be transcended. In the province of the(true mind..added by danny) mind, there are no limits."" -- John C. Lilly -

Unless you know the emptiness and bliss inside'll be a robot forced by the same emptiness and bliss trying to know pain..inside your self me!..said the mahayogi!

The student asked: “A sage's response to changing conditions

is unlimited. Does he have to study beforehand?”

He should worry only about his mind's not being

clear, and not about the inability to respond to all changing conditions.”

— Wang Yang Ming (1472-1529)

To us all towns are one, all men our kin. Life's good comes not from others' gift, nor ill. Man's pains and pains' relief are from within. Thus have we seen in visions of the wise !." - Tamil Poem