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Monday, January 06, 2014

Let us irradiate Love..but how?

Lead me from dreaming to waking.
Lead me from opacity to clarity. Lead me from the complicated to the simple. Lead me from the obscure to the obvious. Lead me from intention to attention. Lead me from what I'm told I am to what I see I am. Lead me from confrontation to wide openness. Lead me to the place I never left, Where there is peace, and peace -from the Upanishads- Unless you know the emptiness and bliss inside'll be a robot forced by the same emptiness and bliss trying to know pain.. ...inside your self me!..said the mahayogi! so listen to the mahayogi..,grasshopper from heaven...
In silence there must be movement, and in motion,
There must be silence.
A small movement is better than a big one..
No movement is better than a small one..listen!
Silence is all the movement's mother..
In Movement you should be like a dragon or a tiger.
In non Movement you should be like a Buddha.  
-- Wang Xiangzhai(November 26, 1885 - July 12, 1963}
What is referred to as mindlessness is absence of the human mentality; what is referred to as mindfulness is mindfulness of the Tao. When one is free of the human mentality, the mutual sensing of the earthly and celestial is swift; when one is mindful of the Tao, effective practice endures. Swiftness of sensing comes about spontaneously, without cultivation, without striving; long perseverance comes about through effort, and involves action and striving. Striving and non-striving each has its secret; the distinction is all a matter of the absence of the human mentality and the presence of mindfulness of the Tao. After one has reached complete realization of the universal Tao, neither existence nor nonexistence remain; others and self are ultimately empty, and one enters the state of ultimate truthfulness, like a spirit. Here, it is not only the human mentality that cannot be applied; even the mindfulness of Tao is not applicable." - Liu I-ming The Conduct of the Moon and Clouds 

The consistent conduct of people of the Way is like the flowing clouds with no grasping mind, like the full moon reflecting universally, not confined anywhere, glistening within each of the ten thousand forms. Dignified and upright, emerge and make contact with the variety of phenomena, unstained and unconfused. Function the same toward all others since all have the same substance as you. Language cannot transmit this, speculation cannot reach it. Leaping beyond the infinite and cutting off the dependent, be obliging without looking for merit. This marvel cannot be measured with consciousness or emotion. On the journey accept your function, in your house please sustain it. Comprehending birth and death, leaving causes and conditions, genuinely realize that from the outset your spirit is not halted. So we have been told that the mind that embraces all the ten directions does not stop anywhere. -- Hongzhi Zhengjue (1091-1157)

*note* interesting video I found..about ,,irradiating love,....grasshoppers from heaven..
in any case..let's put the things straight like the Texas Coyote munching on his spiritual cheese sandwich ..which is stuck to his cactus mental tree?..ok?
First of always,,irradiate love,, just you call it ,,pain,,..see?..look around..pain is good,and greed is excellent  ..every nation is irradiating the marvelous ,,love,,..while they build more nuclear bombs..more advanced rockets to wipe out the others on the spot...nothing like a good dose of serious loving..
Jessus said,,love thy fellow dude.. .irradiate love..forgive him..turn the other cheek ..,,guess his teachings are vigorously applied these days indeed...
So how one irradiates ,,the love,,?
It obvious very little joy is irradiating  ...maybe some radiation of the people/nations pains ?
So first ..grasshoppers from heaven..please find the LOVE within you..
Do NOT try to irradiate Unless you find it...or at least not pretend you are..ok?
So how you find this pure..unconditional love within us..and in others?

So how you do it?
First of aware that this perfect Spirit within like a are it's form.
It also means that  this pure majestic awareness...this shinning splendor of pure could say
it's the GOD within's ALSO in everybody else..
So open wide your ear-lobes..and hear me..
You meditate.ok?..
Beyond thoughts/ this shinning star like awareness.
So we witness the sensations on the body in my kripto cycles I devised...

Try my Kripto Yoga ..I love it!(I love it more than you,since I am the satguru ..and busted my ass to create it)
Trust the Mahayogi!..for his eyes are like lasers..his heart like a sun..and he is the beloved in the 3 worlds ..besides the 19th one..where he worships himself with gusto indeed..
Do not think for a second YOU KNOW about pure love..unless you experienced it..dear fruitcakes grasshoppers from Heaven!
Imagine everyone you meet is YOU!...and the JOY is in seeing yourself in that person..and all sins are forgiven..and there is peace and peace forever..
Thus spokenth the Mahayogi!
And everybody was the 10 realms of creation..
-added by danny-

Slam de Bernard Anton (Ben). Musique de Charles Johnson. Vocalises : Micheline Dinel et Charles Johnson. Extrait du livre-CD SLAMS DE L'ÂME, éd. l'Harmattan, Paris, 2008.
 In English :

Each soul,

Each soul is a secret garden,

where Life desires to blossom royally,
therein She cultivates Her flowers and scent of happiness.

True to the Face of Love,
each soul/garden is shaped according to it.

Love has poured therein the core of its Essence,
in the hope of seeing it buzzing into action and then giving fruits.

Our Soul is a Palace,
built minutely and with sheer benevolence.

What a joy when serenity and clarity are seen reflected in it,
What a hurt when by our own hands, its beauty is destroyed.

Each soul is an open window
on infinity and immediate Reality.

She amazes us, and enamours us,
builds our imagination and inner world,
She chisels our thoughts and draw our personality.

Your soul is a fragile mirror,
Your specimen, your showcase.

Let NO ONE break it,
what shines in you and gives you your unique radiance

Up to You to beautify it, to enrich it
Up to you to make it a cocoon, soft and comfortable,
which will be ready to welcome another friendly soul,
Being two, makes Life more worthwhile to be lived.

O Souls of all horizons !
looking like more to Love
Flowing, rolling, and bubbling
in our sap since Day one of our Creation

Let us become a field of lilies, fruits and daffodils
radiating ...
Let us irradiate Love
Let us irradiate Forever.(this translation is from some petals..he posted the translation on the comments on the video..thank you petals!..)
*note*..this reminds me of Kwan Yin

Prayer to the Mother of a Thousand Faces.

Kwan Yin, beloved mother of the Humanity ...
We thank you for being with us ...
For inspiring harmony and balance ...
For feeding our soul with kindness and mercy ...
For showing us the way that leads to you.

You are the Mystic Rose of the world,
who with your fragrance purifies everything.
You are the redemptive mother
who protects us ...
and bathes us in the spring of purity ...
To help us to heal our fears, insecurities,
and false beliefs about ourselves ...

So we can become the masters of our world ...
A world built with conscience.

Thank you, Divine Mother, for the ancient wisdom ...
that you give us every moment.

Lady of Peace ...
Master of Contemplation ...
Mother of the world ...
Nourish us with the beauty of your flowers ...
with your grace and fullness ...

Lady of the Rainbow ...
Nourish us with the rays of the Universe ...
and spread over us your endless love ...
Here and Now ...

Calm our thoughts ...
and our feelings ...
so we can follow the path of our Being
Because you are the sun that illuminate our soul...(this too someone translated...I love it!)
To nourish the vital energy, keep watch in silence;
In order to subdue the mind, act with non-action.
Of movement and stillness, be aware of their origin;
There is no work to do, much less someone to seek.
The true and constant must respond to phenomena;
Responding to phenomena, you must be unconfused.
When unconfused, the nature will stabilize by itself;
When the nature stabilizes, energy returns by itself.
When energy returns, the elixir crystallizes by itself;
Within the pot, the trigrams of kǎn and lí are joined.
Yīn and yáng arise, alternating over and over again;
Every transformation comes like a clap of thunder.
White clouds form and come to assemble at the peak;
The sweet nectar sprinkles down Mount Sumeru.
Swallow for yourself this wine of immortality;
You wander so freely—who is able to know you?
Sit and listen to the tune played without strings;
Clearly understand the mechanism of creation.
It comes entirely from these twenty lines;
A true ladder going straight to Heaven.-Daoist text -

To us all towns are one, all men our kin. Life's good comes not from others' gift, nor ill. Man's pains and pains' relief are from within. Thus have we seen in visions of the wise !." - Tamil Poem-