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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Astrologer

The Astrologer

Once there was an emperor, and one astrologer came up to him and said, "Emperor, you are going to die tomorrow." The emperor completely freaked out, completely freaked out, flipped out completely. He wasn't going to court anymore, he wasn't eating, he wasn't drinking water. He was just sitting thinking that he is going to die tomorrow. So his advisor came and said, "What's the matter, your Excellency? Why are you sitting like that? What happened to you?"

And the emperor said, "Listen, mister, I'm going to die tomorrow. It's a joke for you, but I'm going to tomorrow."

He said, "Who told you you are going to die tomorrow ? "

"That astrologer."

He said, "No, come on!" So he called that astrologer and said, "Astrologer, is his Highness going to die tomorrow ? "

And the astrologer said, "Yes, he's going to die tomorrow."

And he said, "How do you know?"

He said, "Because I calculated, and he is going to die tomorrow."

So he said, "Oh, really?" And he said, "When are you going to die?">

"Oh, I am going to die after 21 years. I calculated my lifetime, and it's after 21 years that I am going to die."

"Really? "


"Are you sure?"


The advisor took off his sword and slaughtered that astrologer right there! So that's it. And he told the emperor, "Emperor, it was just a fake thing. He wasn't going to live 21 years. He probably miscalculated. Maybe you were going to live 21 years, and he was going to die tomorrow.
(hindu story)

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Why would you want to stick around and inhabit our dreams?

After the Absolute -- Chapter 1
This whole planet is fiction," he said. "A picture show. Sometimes it can be a rather engrossing picture show, but that doesn't make it real. Our heads are programmed to get puffed up with all kinds of infatuations and obsessions. Some of them use up years and decades of our lives. Then when the spell breaks on one of ‘em you shake your head and wonder, ‘What was that, a bubble?’ But you turn right around and get obsessed by something else. Entire lives pass this way, from one petty obsession to another. Eventually, if you’re lucky and if one of these obsessions doesn’t kill you, you come to realize that life is at best a dream, and at worst, a nightmare."

"But you've already escaped the nightmare," a boy in the front row said. "Why would you want to stick around and inhabit our dreams?"

"Oh, I still exist in the nightmare," Rose said. "Everyone on earth exists in the nightmare. The difference is that when you people die you'll just go into another nightmare. Then there's a tremendous agony that accompanies the realization you’re still not free. My job is to find five people and wake them up now in the hope that they'll each find five more people, and so on. In that way, mankind might be benefited."