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Monday, June 18, 2007

Do Not believe anything

Do not believe anything
because it is said by an authority,
or if it is said to come from angels,
or from Gods,
or from an inspired source.

Believe it only if you have explored it
in your own heart
and mind and body
and found it to be true.

Work out your own path,
through diligence.

Gautama Buddha

The loving Holy Ghost-named danny

The loving Holy Ghost-named danny

Lights are off,it's time to go
Out the window I crawl slow
Wait till neighbors go to sleep
On the maidens then I creep
I'm the one they mostly fear
In their hearts they hold me dear
I'm the one they fear most
But for them I'm holy ghost
I'm the one whom they forsake
I want them to be awake
I'm the one they never speak
In their hearts for me they seek
Just for me the windows close
But I brake them with my nose
I'm the one they try to flee
Never knowing what I see
I'm the one they try to purge
But for me they feel the urge
I make inner fears burst
And for me they feel the thirst
So,as long I won't retire
I'm one happy,loved vampire!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dear Friends

Dear friends,

Withdraw the mind from the senses and fix it in meditation. Control the thought-current. Find out the thought-centre and fix yourself there. Then you will be conscious of the divine Self; you will see it dancing in ecstasy. Live in that delight. That delight-consciousness is the God in you. He is in every heart. You need not go anywhere to find Him. Find your own core and feel Him there. Peace, bliss, felicity, health – everything is in you. Trust in the divine in you. Entrust yourself to His Grace. Be as you are. Off with past impressions! He who lives from within an ingathered soul is a real sage, even though he may be a householder. He who allows his mind to wander with the senses is an ignoramus, though he is learned. See as a witness, without the burden of seeing. See the world just as you see a drama. See without attachment. Look within. Look at the inner light unshaken by mental impressions. Then, floods of conscious bliss shall come pouring in and around you from all directions. This is the supreme Knowledge; realise! Aum! Aum!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

About idiots

I think of the past twenty years,
When I used to walk home quietly from the forums,
All the people in the forums said -
They say, "Danny is an idiot."
"Am I really an idiot:" I reflect.
But my reflections fail to solve the question:
For I myself do not know who the self is,
And how can others know who I am?
Alertness brings awareness and awareness is a light that in a
Searing flash obliterates all traces of the ghost.
Let your True Nature shine forth in perfect clarity.
Rest easy in the pure, serene stillness of the One.
Alone, you are a sovereign.
Yourself, a precious kingdom.
Reign with peace and harmony!
What external force can possibly invade?
The Buddha Mind contains the universe.
In this universe there is only one pure substance,
One absolute and indivisible Truth.
The notion of duality does not exist.
The small mind contains only illusions of separateness, of division.
It imagines myriad objects and defines truth in terms of relative
Big is defined by small, good by evil, pure by defiled, hidden by
revealed, full by empty.
What is opposition?
It is the arena of hostility, of conflict and turmoil.
Where duality is transcended peace reigns.
This is the Sahaja Yoga's ultimate truth!
Life and death, day and night;
Water flows and flowers fall.
Only today, I know that I am Danny and..
My nose points downward!