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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Kripto Pumpkin Halloween laughing at the grasshoppers from the Perseus heaven:)

Lead me from dreaming to waking.
Lead me from opacity to clarity. Lead me from the complicated to the simple. Lead me from the obscure to the obvious. Lead me from intention to attention. Lead me from what I'm told I am to what I see I am. Lead me from confrontation to wide openness. Lead me to the place I never left, Where there is peace, and peace -
The Upanishads
*note* sometimes I smile from the deep this Halloween Kripto...sometimes,indeed...quote"This smoothed X-ray image of the Perseus Kripto cluster resembles a scary Halloween pumpkin Kripto the Mighty within you... The colors represent variations in the intensity of the 12 inch wisdom BRAIN muscle X rays, with white light being the most intense spiritually..and none-dual .. to red being the least and very focused individualized Kripto focus..and very personal..."

Please keep on meditating,grasshoppers from heaven..the Kripto is in yourself,not only out there in the sky..look for it within'll find the pumpkin there smiling at you,as I did it from a distance..kisses:)
-added by danny-
...... careful that you are here to experience the bliss of your true self spirit nature...and the pumpkin is just one aspect of that nature..just to keep you on your toes and NOT slack in your journey...remember my words..kiss,grasshoppers from heaven!...keep your attention on your true essence!..
Don't LOOK outside,for I'll smile from outside...look inside yourselves ..friends from heaven!
I have SPOKENTH!...THUS SPOKENTH THE MAHAYOGI!..and the 12,000 grasshoppers from heaven bowed down,and one by one they kissed his large forehead just for fun, just because they wanted to sense his formidable,one of a kind...loved in the 3 worlds..worshiped in 10..celebrated in the 18th also ...12 inches worth of BRAIN wisdom muscle..and the mahayogi blessed them all,because he was THEM..but they didn't KNOW IT...because the Kriptodanny was like a weasel.........and POP he enlightened them one pop,while singing,,pop goes the weasel(Kripto Bible 22.65)
Of movement and stillness, be aware of their origin;
There is no work to do, much less someone to seek.

The true and constant must respond to phenomena;

Responding to phenomena, you must be unconfused.

When unconfused, the nature will stabilize by itself;

When the nature stabilizes, energy returns by itself.

When energy returns, the elixir crystallizes by itself;

Within the pot, the trigrams of heaven and earth are joined.

Yīn and yáng arise, alternating over and over again;

Every transformation comes like a clap of thunder.

White clouds form and come to assemble at the peak;

The sweet nectar sprinkles down Mount Sumeru.

Swallow for yourself this wine of immortality;

You wander so freely—who is able to know you?

Sit and listen to the tune played without strings;

Clearly understand the mechanism of creation.

It comes entirely from these twenty lines;

A true ladder going straight to Heaven.-Daoist text 

To us all towns are one, all men our kin. Life's good comes not from others' gift, nor ill. Man's pains and pains' relief are from within. Thus have we seen in visions of the wise !." - Tamil Poem-...
Unless you know the emptiness and bliss inside'll be a robot forced by the same emptiness and bliss trying to know pain..inside your self me!..said the mahayogi!
.......... can't touch this unless you have transmission of the'll room for billions of years on the desire/form/formless realms...and to have it,you must trust the mahayogis...for if you do it by yourself you''ll be stuck on your own mental formations..this stuff,this magick is REAL...because only very few in the history of humanity did it by themselves only...and that was because their can't touch this because you'd never experienced your OWN mind whom is at stake has  to understand it's own calamity,it's own doings,it's own bliss and it's own liberation..

But if you think you can do it alone,think again..otherwise ..feel free to reincarnate and loose your source knowledge(the source gains consciousness ONLY in manifestation..otherwise is just aware,not careful..the source also created the patterns for it's own individualization the patterns of time/space/bacterias evolving,etc..there is a PATTERN which the source devised..the source IS in everything,but not individual..thru you is only..PONDER!!) in the process...but also be aware there is no other realm to go other then the 3(desire..this one..form and formless)..the most you can do is control the process,since there is no 4th realm(in other words,you can't become the Source,since everything is IN THE SOURCE of creation......ponder,grasshoppers from heaven...
Is more like the SOURCE acting thru you,like a very individualized form..

The SOURCE is aware,it created all the universe.
But it has automatic pain/happy rewards build in the process of creation,so the grasshoppers(individual the sun-rays thru a lentil) would not be lost.

Please understand that the SOURCE spoke to me,but only after I fasted like 8 months,and I was about to give up on existence..
As I walked thru the forest...I asked...why I am here?
AND I STOOD STILL,in meditation.
and all of a sudden the forest where I was went poof in a marvelous bright light...and I was the light!
And a booming voice using my own voice came from everywhere..and said..

YOU ARE HERE to experience......

On that moment ..the forest became light only..I could see thru the trees..and I was the light also......
I went and passed my hand thru a hand WENT thru it,like it was some hologram..
Lights...multiple colors..everything was a rotating universe trying to experience itself..
So I started to LAUGH so hard.....while I was on my knees...that even gods in heaven trembled..
For I knew the reason of existence.
And this is a true story.
And THAT was the moment I became a mahayogi...loved in the 3 worlds,respected in 10..worshiped in the 19th also by himself...since there is no other one there..kiss:)

Those whom have ears to hear,let them see..those whom have eyes to see..let them hear good...Kripto Bible 2.12