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Friday, June 04, 2010

Pure Awareness is the utter stillness and silence that is in you behind all experiences that you have

Lead me from dreaming to waking.
Lead me from opacity to clarity.
Lead me from the complicated to the simple.
Lead me from the obscure to the obvious.
Lead me from intention to attention.
Lead me from what I'm told I am to what I see I am.
Lead me from confrontation to wide openness. Lead me to the place I never left, Where there is peace, and peace - The Upanishads
*note* nice guy I found..lots of interesting articles on his site. ..apparently he tries to express the manifestation of enlightenment using body/emotions watching.
Interesting..quote "I’m David D. Cicia, Ed.D. (Doctor Of Education, 1987, University of Massachusetts, Amherst.)Ultimate Consciousness (Free-Beingness) is the sublime bliss of total inner freedom. I help you experience this by guiding you to the Pure Awareness that is that freedom inside you, and then by helping you bring this out into your ordinary everyday life.I help you get to Ultimate Consciousness through a very advanced one-on-one personal guidance approach that I developed during over 40 years of experience in this field."..
well..obviously he knows the truth,but good luck to him trying to do one on one phone sessions to save the humanity..why not try sahaja yoga and get it over with?..nobody knows why,said the mahayogi,flexing his bliss muscles..:)
Kisses to you,David..and thanks for your must respect the 40 years of work which led you to the discovery that there are indeed chakras in the body,and if you watch them,you clear the ki/emotions involved,then further you achieve real freedom...but your failure to see the wisdom of others whom said the same thing it really breaks my tender heart..but I'll watch my emotions on the chest area,and not cry,because mahayogis never cry..they laugh,you see?..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..THIS WAY.:) that's real freedom,indeed.
-added by danny-
Real Freedom

Pure Awareness is the utter stillness and silence that is in you behind all experiences that you have. It is what is aware of those experiences, or of any experiences. It is not itself an experience but that which is aware of experiences. Because of this we can see that it is “no-thing-ness,” i.e. it is not a thing in any way (i.e. a content presented to your awareness), nor does it have any of the qualities of any thing. Because of this, it has none of any of the limitations or boundaries of things. And so, it is complete, absolute freedom.

But Pure Awareness, in and of itself, is not awake to itself. It is as if it is in deep dreamless sleep, in complete stillness but unknowing of itself. In fact, it is so asleep to itself that for most of us, even though it is always already there deep inside ourselves, we do not even know of its existence. This is just another way of saying that Pure Awareness is asleep to itself. It is asleep to itself in us because we have not woken up to it and realized it.

Free-Beingness, as the realization that I teach, is functioning on the level where this sleeping Pure Awareness comes fully awake to itself in you, in all your experiences (including your whole body-mind, sense of self, and unique individuality.)

When Pure Awareness is fully awake to itself, even in your most intimate sensory experiences of yourself and your body then you concretely and tangibly realize the sublime bliss of absolute freedom in “no-thing-ness.” This is because then no experience that you have, in the entire field of your experiences, has a sense of a limiting boundary that can stop or hinder your freedom in any way.

The supreme sublime pleasure of life comes from this realization of absolute freedom in all experiences. This is the supreme bliss of Free-Beingness.

Your ego – your unique personal individuality – still exists but it is radically transformed by this realization. As in all other experiences, in your new experience of ego you no longer sense boundaries that limit you even though the forms and appearances, and even the sensations of boundaries, remain. In all the forms of these appearances there is fully awakened Pure Awareness, the supreme bliss of absolute freedom.

Your ego becomes filled with this supreme bliss of freedom. the sublime pure radiance of Pure Awareness fully awake to itself. You become a living embodiment of Pure Awareness fully alive and radiant in itself.

In fact, an ego that is fully developed and realized in this way, is the only way that Pure Awareness can come fully awake to itself, fully alive in itself. This is because the process of experiencing, of the ego focusing on specific “things” (contents of consciousness), is the only way that Pure Awareness can have anything presented to itself, and thereby become aware of anything at all. When you become fully realized, all experiences are just Pure Awareness being presented to itself. But this can happen only in an ego, in an experiencer who has first developed the ability to have specific discrete experiences.

When you as a self (an ego) live and embody Pure Awareness fully awake and alive to itself, your unique personal individuality becomes a spontaneous and free flow of the supreme radiant bliss of absolute freedom into all the many and varied forms of your unique personal expression. Your life becomes a radiance of Awareness-Bliss.

You live the supreme bliss of being “free as a bird” while fully engaged in all the forms and structures of your egoic experiencing. But these forms and structures no longer limit the bliss of your freedom. You now realize that they are the means for your bliss and freedom, because they are what make Pure Awareness awake to itself in you.

And so, you as you are no longer the you that you thought you were but become a bliss-filled transcendent you that embodies the radiance of Pure Awareness in all you do and experience. You become truly and fully you.

You are an incarnation of Pure Radiant Blissful Beingness – which is really nothing other than the inner stillness of Pure Awareness that you already always are, have been and will always be, because it is just the simple awareness by which you are aware of any experience.

But now you know.
"To us all towns are one, all men our kin. Life's good comes not from others' gift, nor ill. Man's pains and pains' relief are from within. Thus have we seen in visions of the wise !." - Tamil Poem-