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Friday, October 30, 2009

The marvelous broken foot(part 6)

Lead me from dreaming to waking.
Lead me from opacity to clarity.
Lead me from the complicated to the simple.
Lead me from the obscure to the obvious.
Lead me from intention to attention.
Lead me from what I'm told I am to what I see I am.
Lead me from confrontation to wide openness.
Lead me to the place I never left,
Where there is peace, and peace
- The Upanishads

*note* I find this video ridiculously funny mostly because I remember when not long ago I had that cast around my foot,and many..many times I hit it on the door..or fell on it,'s really painful.Anyway..what is interesting about this video is that ,,the cat,, never gives up.In other words,it is stuck on some consciousness pattern,and NOT EVEN PAIN can modify it's plans.

About pain now..sahaja yoga raises your kundalini first time you meditate.It is gentle,like a cool breeze you feel it.I am talking now about advanced healing..once you feel it,try to establish the circulation of it.In other words,what I did was similar to the old taoist microcirculations,with the difference that this is the real thing.
Not with breathing,not with mantras,not with concentration.
Is with attention,AND rotate the energy at the pain area,BEFORE you move it OUT of the area.

The results are immediate.

Be aware that while in hospital I couldn't bend over to my leg,(because would increase the pain,somehow..not because I couldn't reach my foot) to move the energy with hands(as I'd do when healing a matter of fact I moved my hands couple times over that fellow's broken arm,and the pain went away,but this is when you can't move at all)
Of course,I could write more about this,but maybe other time..kisses.
-added by danny-
Ps..this is Tweety and Sylvester in the hospital