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Friday, February 26, 2010

Disgust or anger? – shadow projection..It is a difficult leap of consciousness

Lead me from dreaming to waking.
Lead me from opacity to clarity.
Lead me from the complicated to the simple.
Lead me from the obscure to the obvious.
Lead me from intention to attention.
Lead me from what I'm told I am to what I see I am.
Lead me from confrontation to wide openness.
Lead me to the place I never left,
Where there is peace, and peace
- The Upanishads

*note* lovely explaining from Brother Elias(former christian monk,then adidam(aka Bubba John) follower,then whom knows any case he is the best Jung(Carl Gustav) explaining I ever met on the net.He even surpasses Carl Gustav,from my point of view.
This guy knows the manifestation of the truth,I'm telling you.
One mind
Is all there is
In it's pristine,clear awareness
Of the projections you call the universe
Or karma
The one mind is ONE
The Manifestations are like waves
On the lake
Below is the wisdom muscle
Ready to pop up
Uniting this with that
Behold the wonder of wonders..
Neti Neti,yet still acting
Tao is realized
Today,is a good day to die
Says the mahayogi
And he's been saying that
For the whole eternity
While the gods rejoice
In shadow projections.
-added by danny-

(Brother Elias explains now)
Notice, for instance, how you don’t dislike all people who seem to display negative or regressed behavior. Some of them you feel positively compassionate towards, even perceiving directly how you can help them to develop self-awareness. But others will excite emotions of disgust, fear, hatred, and even total anathema. These are the ones you must give most attention to, for without a doubt they are reflections of aspects of your own undeveloped psyche. These are the people who will, through relationship and honest self-inspection, bring you into the totality of your personality. And through that totality, you begin to access the deeper mind and the Self – the “rainbow body” of the Shadow.

A correspondent writes –

You say that people who “excite emotions of disgust, fear, hatred, and even total anathema…are the ones you must give most attention to, for without a doubt they are reflections of aspects of your own undeveloped psyche.” I am not sure what you mean. Are you saying that when I judge people as undeveloped I am undeveloped in the same way? Or do you mean I am unconscious of some quality in myself and am rejecting it in others? It seems to me that I dislike certain people for the very reason that I have consciously chosen not to be like that.

This is an excellent question and gets to the heart of the problem of the Shadow…and its resolution by bringing to light and integrating that which is unconscious in ourselves.

How, after all, can the thing we despise and reject in others be an aspect of our own makeup?! This question is in some respects answered in Part 2 of “Notes on the Shadow". But it is worth looking at it in greater detail.

First of all, in order to “integrate the shadow” one has to catch hold of the idea that a shadow self exists at all!

If you start from the assumption that everything to be known about yourself is already contained in the conscious mind, then it is highly unlikely you will be interested in the view that you have an unconscious “dark side” which needs to be raised to awareness.

In fact, you may be a person who has lost his shadow. Like Peter Pan, you have become so innocent and heroic in your own eyes that no taint of darkness can be found…except in the villainous Captain Hook!

Still, you have to deal with that situation – “Captain Hook” (nice Jungian connection to the name) exists and he’s your mortal enemy and he’s nothing but trouble for you. In fact, you dislike him enormously! And, whether it is a comic figure like storybook Captain Hook or some “idiot” at work or the obnoxious “loud-mouth” down the street, you do, as you say judge these people according to the rigors of your choice “not to be like that".

Your judgment may be faulty, of course. There may be good qualities in these people which you ignore or can’t see. On the other hand, it is quite possible your judgment is spot on – these unlikeable people may well be of low moral fibre, sneaky, liars, mean and abusive, or even criminals and outsiders who are cast out by polite society.

“Thank God I am not like him.” So the Biblical saying goes. [see Luke 18:10-14]

But I am telling you, oh Pharisee, you are like him, and you need to become aware of how that is so. I am telling you that you can take the measure of your similarity to your opposite by the intensity of your aversion to him. The greater your sense of superiority, or your spite, the more likely you will find that this man dwells inside you, embedded in your unconscious. His very face may have become the face of your shadow, and your dark side may speak with his voice. The “man outside” is the perfect hook for the projection of your unconscious. (Note that I say your unconscious…not his unconscious. His unconscious is his own business. Yours belongs to you, even though it wears his face.)

Jung demonstrated over and over how the process of shadow-projecton works, but it is up to each of us to see for ourselves how our least admirable qualities take form as those upon whom we cast aspersions. That is the beginning of self-knowledge, you know – to no longer think you have it all figured out, and to become cognizant that there is a whole universe from which you are separated by your righteous self-esteem.

It is a difficult leap of consciousness, but you can get into it by a simple test. Start with some thing you know about yourself but don’t like to admit. For instance, suppose you have a craven streak you are ashamed of. Time and again you catch yourself playing the “yes-man” before people at your job who have the authority to fire you. You hate it that you are a “kiss-up", and you wish you had the courage to talk back to the boss, but you just don’t. Now, look around you for somebody else who does the very same thing. How do you feel about this person? Have you ever ridiculed that person to others for being a sycophant or “butt-kisser"?

Do you see what I am getting at? You can do the same exercise with any less-than-admirable aspect of yourself of which you have some cognizance – something you are ashamed to admit, some dishonorable behavior that you can’t seem to get rid of. It could be streak of cruelty, or a need to find a weaker person to dominate. It could be something as primal as jealousy.

Cast about among your acquaintances and find one who embodies that same quality. What is your reaction to that person when they are dramatizing this inferior side of their personality?

Equanimity? …O.K., that’s cool.

Disgust or anger? Voilà – shadow projection.


(in this last video me me me is the false ego trying to push the shadow away..these are the worst people,those whom refuse to understand their make-up..and refuse to integrate their lost recognize them from how much they hate anything..a person,an object,,or an opinnion ..just watch them,so you may know yourself.Because you can't know unless you experience it yourself..the rest are only words,and shadow projections..."To us all towns are one, all men our kin. Life's good comes not from others' gift, nor ill. Man's pains and pains' relief are from within. Thus have we seen in visions of the wise !." - Tamil Poem-added by danny)